Change 100



    Donor Milestone - First 25 Donors

If 25 donors give before the official launch, we will unlock £2,500

372 donors

    Donor Milestone - 150 Donors

When we reach 150 donors £2,000 will be unlocked

372 donors

    Donor Milestone - 100 Donors

When we reach 100 donors £1,000 will be unlocked

372 donors

    Donor Milestone - 200 Donors

When we reach 200 donors £3,000 will be unlocked

372 donors

    Donor Milestone - 250 Donors

When we reach 250 donors £4,000 will be unlocked

372 donors

    Current Parents Challenge

If 50 current parents donate, we will unlock £2,500

100 donors

    Former Parents Challenge

When 20 Former Parents make a donation on Giving Day, an additional £1,000 will be added to our Giving Day total.

36 donors

House Leaderboard - No. of Donors

House Donations
Grafton 33
Chatham 30
Temple 28
Walpole 28
Cobham 27
Grenville 23
Bruce 21
Chandos 19
Lyttelton 19
Stanhope 9
Nugent 7
Cheshire 1
Queen’s 1
West 1

    Old Stoic Challenge

If 50 Old Stoics donate, we unlock £2,500

241 donors

    300 Donor Bonus Milestone

When we reach 300 donors, an additional £5,000 will be added to our total! Help us reach this target before 9pm on Giving Day!

372 donors

On Site Challenges

Head's Motorbike Challenge - COMPLETED

The Stowe Trial Bike Club has challenged the Head to ride a motorbike up the North Front Steps, through the Marble Salon, and down the full flight of the South Front steps. The Head will take on this challenge to celebrate our first 100 donors!

Treasure Trail- COMPLETED

How well do the Stoics know the history of the Stowe House and Gardens? We have set them a Dynamic Quiz that will send them in groups around the follies and monuments. If we get 100 correct answers our Challenge is completed and £3000 added to the Giving Day total.

Stoics Reps for 100- COMPLETED

We are challenging 100 Stoics and Staff to complete 100 reps of a sporting challenge of their choosing. We'll see 100 press-up, 100 seconds of holding a 'plank'; 100 Hoola Hoop twirls and perhaps high-fives? This is collective challenge and if 100 members of the School complete their 100 reps - £3000 will be added to the Giving Day total.

Colour Run Celebration- COMPLETED

All Stoics will celebrate our Change 100 initiative and Giving Day by joining together in a fun-filled, colourful 2.5km Colour Run around the grounds of the School. This year we are also challenging 20 members of staff to the course. If 20 staff take up the challenge than £3,000 will be added to the Giving Day total.