Frequently asked questions

Where will the funds go?

Your gift goes directly to us - and you can find out more at This is for Change 100, our bursary programme which aims to raise an endowment fund of £100 million – dedicated to providing access to a Stowe education and financial assistance to children from less-advantaged backgrounds. It is a fund that will give life-changing opportunities to talented and deserving boys and girls, who have the potential to be the Change Makers of the future, whatever their background and circumstances.

Is my payment secure?

Yes. All payments through the Stowe Giving Day website will be securely processed by Stripe and Stripe US

Why is my payment not going through?

Please check that you have included your postcode in both the address field and the card details field of the gift form. If there is still a problem, you may have to contact your card provider and inform them that the payment is valid. For any queries, please contact us at

Can I see my gift on this website?

Yes! If you’ve chosen not to make your gift anonymous, you can take a look at the donor wall to see your name.

Is there another way to donate to you other than online?

Yes, you can contact us at or call +44 1280 818063 and we’ll be delighted to help you make your gift.

I set up a recurring payment, what will show in the totaliser?

Yes, the total of your direct debit payments for the duration of time selected will show up in the total raised on the website.

I still have questions. How can I get in touch?

Feel free to email us at or call +44 1280 818063.

Is there a minimum donation?

The minimum donation is £1.00

How can I give my gift?

By phone (+44 1280 818063) by mail ( or by using this website.

Question about tax-deductibility or gift aid

If you are a UK taxpayer and pledge by Gift Aid, Stowe School Foundation can increase your gift by 25% by reclaiming tax from HRMC, at no additional cost to you or us. 

The table here shows how Gift Aid can greatly increase the total donation that Stowe School Foundation receives. It also shows how tax relief can reduce the net cost of the donation to you. For example, if as a 40% tax-payer you donate £1,000, the value of that gift to Stowe after Gift Aid is £1,250. The tax relief that you receive reduces the net ‘cost’ of the donation to you from £1,000 to £750. The net costs is even lower (£688) if you pay tax at 45%.

If you are in Europe and want to find out about tax-deductible donations, please click here.